"Before beginning our training we discussed which areas needed to be trimmed and toned and made a plan to address these concerns.  Each time we met Tywana would evaluate my progress and gear the next session accordingly. At the completion of the session she gave me goals to complete before our next meeting.

I am very happy with the results of our training sessions. I have lost a few pounds, but more importantly I can see the difference in my overall muscle tone especially in my arms and abdominal area.

Tywana will make you work hard but she will also listen and give feedback when necessary. I would highly recommend her as a personal trainer."

-Linda, ATL


"Ty is a great trainer who really cares about helping you reach your fitness goals.  Ty's workouts are fun, challenging and effective.  I saw my body change in a matter of months and I feel physically stronger. Ty is great on advising on eating well and food preparation. I have been able to maintain my weight loss from the summer.  Thanks Ty!!" 

-Stephanie, DFW


 "After working all day, it was hard for me to make time to exercise, but Ty designed each of my workouts to focus on what I needed so that the time for me was well-spent and something I looked forward to.  She caters the workout to your goals and, for me, limitations (bad knees).  With the perfect dose of encouragement to get that one extra rep in, Ty is knowledgeable and practices what she preaches---  you will see results both inside and out!" 

-Dana, ATL


"Training with Ty has been an awesome experience.  Shes's a greate motivator! I would go to sessions and she would say "Alyssa, you CAN do it","One More", "You Got It!"  Positive words keeps me going and without those words I wouldn't have made it throught. Ty's personal training has been a great investment and the end results has given me the confidence I've never had before."

-Alyssa, DFW


"Ty is a great trainer. What I like most about her sessions is that she incorporates weights with cardio to give you the best resutls!  Also she give you helpful info on nutrition which is a plus!" 

-Nikki, DFW


"Ty is honestly the best personal trainer I have ever worked with! Our first session, she 100% kicked my behind, and that was without any machines. She listened to me and my fitness goals and thoroughly followed through and even exceeded my expectations! Ty is fun, energetic, very intelligent and knowledgeable, easy to talk to and very motivating (something I really need to keep me going!) I highly recommend Ty to anyone looking to achieve or exceed their fitness goals! You won't be disappointed! help turn potential customers into loyal ones."

-Heather, DFW


 "I met Tywana Fielding a while ago, and she's one of the most energetic, enthusiastic and positive friends I have. Besides that, when I trained with her, I realized she takes her Training /Coaching seriously, looking for the best in us to come out. Thanks to her, I kept my weight off, increased my strength in order for me to pursuse my goals, and she was always pushing me to give my best. Ah, and the music  she played while I trained was an extra mile to make me smile, motivated and keep moving. Thanks Tywana and keep it up ! You have a great future girl"  

                    -Estrelita, DFW


 My training sessions with Tywana was nothing short of incredible. She motivates you to work hard and not give up, she shows up with a lot of positive energy, and she's not like some trainers that just tells you what to do. She actually puts in the WORK and lead by example!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED  

                 -Whitney, DFW